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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Through the Glass

Today's topic is a repost from April 30th, 2013

Has anyone seen the new invention GOOGLE GLASS? It is the first step in the evolution of an invention I have envisioned in our future within my Science Fiction Trilogy The Morian Trilogy. I call this device an INPUT Individual Personal Uplink Transmitter. It’s a small device implanted inside the human skull behind the left eyeball upon birth. This apparatus emits a signal that communicates with the brain waves of the user allowing utilization to a planetary database, which, in this future time has developed its own persona. Our planet’s database, known as MOTHER EARTH, has a nurturing and tranquil personality.

In this distant future (300 years hence) we have established a colony on Mars within a large sprawling metropolis known as NEW SARDONIA. On the Red Planet the database is known as BROTHER MARS. Being developed by the original tenants of the colony, miners, it’s personality is very brash and gritty (curses like a sailor). The unique result is that these databases become characters on their own, being intrical to the story.

The INPUT, being in sync with the possessor’s brain frequency, projects a screen before the user’s eyes providing an interface to control information type and volume accessed from the database. Because the device is tuned in to a unique frequency the screen’s images are only visible to the user. The result being, everything humanity does, communicating with one another, reading a book, accessing the news, is all done through this device. No TV, no phones not a movie theater to be found.

Sounds kind of cool, right? Hold the phone (if there were any in the future). If this great invention transmits, can it not also receive? The question of privacy immediately comes into question. Who is to say that the controlling element cannot access information from the client using the same system in reverse? This is the dilemma encountered by the future governmental entity (known as The United States of North America).  Their solution is a security filter built into the INPUT programming…working like a firewall of sorts. Anyone who has been hacked (recently I had a run in with the FBI virus) knows that these security devices do not always work.

What is not known within this paradigm is that the INPUT is not a human invention at all, but was developed by aliens that have existed on this planet for tens of thousands of years. These off-worlders invented the apparatus for the sole purpose of using it to control humanity for their own diabolical needs steering our social progression for centuries.

Am I insinuating that GOOGLE GLASS is developed by aliens? Of course not. But, does not anyone else see the potential future problems this product may hold in its eventual evolution? Is the GOOGLE GLASS user (unknowing to us) taking pictures and spying on us for some malevolent purpose? Or, maybe I know something you don’t and these are the aliens of my Science Fiction Series and this is just the beginning of their attempt to take our world from us.

What do you think?