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Monday, April 15, 2013

Technological Evolution

There comes a revolution of knowledge. We see the evidence with each new technological invention's heightened capacity to store and send information. New technologies are on the horizon that will render all we know now obsolete.

Our current ability to send information via satellite by microwaves is about to be dwarfed by laser technology. This new innovation will allow us to send and process information one hundred times faster than we do today. Imagine the technological evolution our society will experience as a result within the next fifty years.

To the generation I grew up in we measured our computer's memory storage and processing capabilities in Kilobytes, then later in Megabytes. Today's generation measures in Gigabytes. Once Laser technology is implemented humanity will be transferring data in Terabytes and possibly Petabytes.

The technological revolution is here and the future holds exciting possibilities. The information highway is about to become more assessable than ever before, and the people who stay in step with technology will possess the power of unfathomable information retrievable in a matter of seconds.

How will those in power utilize this ability? For good, or for personal gain? We must be wary for there are several scenarios that could possibly play out in the near future, some wondrous, some not so.

Let us hope the powers that be decide to use new technological advances that are spawned from this revolution for the good of humanity as a whole, and not for the advancement under a banner of national pride or arrogance. If we are not vigilant we could see this current age of technology give birth to power hungry evilness bent on world domination.