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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Attn: Caffiene Crazed Citizens!

Late last year, to the dismay of many Lexingtonians,  Jamestown CoffeeCo closed its doors in our traffic choked municipality. The oasis from bumper to bumper turmoil dried up leaving many caffeinated crazed customers jonesing for the eye-opening stimulant. You can still get your fix up the road a piece at that national chain know as… well, can’t use their name, but if anyone remembers Battlestar Galactica, you can deduce the brand. If you are a Jamestownite you will find the antiseptic persona of that cookie cutter franchise insensitive compared to the amiable personality of our hometown coffee shop. Unlike that other store, Jamestown Coffee Co is owned by South Carolina’s own James Kirk (not to be confused with the Starfleet Captain).

But, fear not citizens, the beanery has risen like a phoenix from the spent coffee grounds in a new and exciting location just down the road from our old township. Teaming up with a Midlands Staple, Cromer’s Peanuts, Jamestown has provided its own aromatic emanations to mingle with the heavenly scent of popcorn and candy within the walls at 1700 Huger St. in downtown Columbia, SC. So, come on down and rediscover the little coffee shop with tons of personality and say “hello” to James Kirk and Brandon Wilks. Be sure to tell them that author David Lee Jones sent ya.