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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Super Power


In the spirit of some of the later posts on this blog I have a question for you folks out there. If you could have one super power which would it be? Just one, no cheating.

Would you fly like Superman? And where would you go?

The power of invisibility is a good one; if you had this power how would you utilize it?

Super strength is a common trait in most heroes.

How about ESP? Think about what you could accomplish if you could read people’s minds.

Another great one would be super genius. Would you solve the world’s economic problems with it, or find the cure to cancer? Would you figure out how the human race could give up its dependence on fossil fuels?

Remember though, when you have these special abilities there is always the moral angle to explore. Selfish and prideful feelings could sway ones decency to the point an honorable citizen could deviate and cross the moralistic line. There is a fine line between hero and villain when egotism creeps into the picture.

One of the best quotes from the pop culture super hero motion pictures is from the movie Spiderman.
Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben senses his young nephew is struggling with inner turmoil. Little does the elder know that this is brought about from Peter’s new found super abilities.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Think about that when you choose your power. Would you use it for the good of mankind, or would you selfishly squander it on personal gain?
So, with all this in mind, what power would you choose? And, more importantly, how would you use it?