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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Iron Clad Classic

This past weekend I caught up with the science fiction tech savvy cultural world and finally took in the film Iron Man 3. Usually films fabricated from this type of formula stale after subsequent sequels and additional installments, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised in this super high tech marvel.

I found the plot fast paced, rich, witty and full of fun. Robert Downey Jr. proves through his comedic timing and inextinguishable likability he is comfortable and born to play this role. Tony Stark’s report with a young science loving kid reinforces this amiability. Add an entertainingly delightful character, the Mandarian, played by Ben Kingsley, and the humorous high jinx compliment the engaging action within the motion picture very well.

The antagonist, Aldrich Killian, brilliantly played by Guy Pearce, leaves the impression of a Blofeld or Goldfinger being a strong immoral criminal character. He possesses an intelligent and deviously villainous mind. Technology is conflict as the enemy of Stark uses a product called Extremis as a terrorist weapon. This potent compound hacks into the “hard drive” of a living being giving super human power or, conversely, converting a body into a powerful explosive. Therein lies the moral of the movie. Playing with mother nature’s design can only have adverse effects.

This film explores the fallibility of our leading actor showing the vulnerability to the condition of his super-heroism. It taxes his physical and mental endurance affecting the relationships with those around him. He begins to ask himself is he the hero or is it the suit. Tony answers this question as he is left to his own devices and must fight to protect those who are close to him. As the film hurtles toward its conclusion our hero rediscovers his identity.

After leaving the theater I felt this film was a mature well written, brilliantly acted, action packed movie with great special effects and a plot that was seamless and engaging. I give this picture four out of five stars and would consider it to be close to a Science Fiction classic.