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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Teaser Two

The following is an excerpt from MoriaVaratu, Book One of the Morian Trilogy.

 MC walked towards the time-worn statue in the center of the room. Gene turned and followed her curious to what she had seen. There in the flickering torch light he saw them. Four crystal skulls neatly lined up at the base of the statue.

"Whoa!" He said under his breath. "Unbelievable."

"Gene,” she asked in a reverent tone, “do you know what these are?"

He answered her question with only with a slack jawed look. He just stared at the
artifacts on the floor in wonder.

Dr. Sullivan bent over and picked one up. It was obvious that the skulls were solid throughout from their sheer weight. She handed the first skull over to him. He expected it to be cool to the touch after sitting in the darkness, but to his surprise, it was warm and seemed to vibrate slightly in his hands.

All of the sudden he wanted to know what they were and realized Dr. Sullivan was doing something he had come to hate over all the years they'd worked together. She was pausing for dramatic effect, building suspense. He had learned to counter this move by pretending not to be interested which he could not do in this case. Gene gave in quickly.

 "Mary Catherine?" he shrugged impatiently prompting her with a hand gesture almost dropping the skull he clutched.

 "These are the four skulls of wisdom," she said excitedly.

 "Do you mean the holy relics supposedly used by the Incan Sun God?"

 "No, the Sun God is Inti," she answered shaking her head. "Viracocha, he that came before Inti. These skulls were said to be the source of all his power. A power that was said to bring enlightenment and death, depending on the god’s mood. It was written that Viracocha used these to bring down fire from the sky and vanquish the enemies of his people."

 "It seems there is still power over fire still left in these skulls," he replied. "Check this out."
He moved the skull he held in his hand further from the torches' flame and it sputtered out plunging the room into complete blackness. He then moved it back toward the torch and it leapt to life again.

 "Incredible," she breathed. "Gene this is the holy grail of pre-Incan beliefs."

 "And WE are the ones who’ve uncovered it!" Gene said excitedly with giddiness. "This is absolutely amazing."

"Apparently these pre Incans,” Gene added reverently, “were more advanced than anyone has ever imagined."

"You may be more right than you know Gene." she bent over and picked
up an object that was tucked behind one of the remaining skulls hiding in shadow. She blew a layer of dust an inch thick off the object.

"What the Hell’s that?" he gasped.

In her hand Dr. Sullivan held a very peculiar object having a metal casing with a flat crystal mounted on one side resembling a display screen about two inches square.. It fit in the hand much like a small sleek cell phone having three crystal buttons set just below the screen. She turned it over in her hands and noticed the metal was stained with rusty blood.

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