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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Brief Encounter

Today is a teaser for my own trilogy of Sci Fi thrillers, The Morian Trilogy. I hope you folks out there enjoy.

The Professor fought exhaustion as he leaned over the specimen that lay splayed out upon his examining table inside the main lab of the Department of Anthology at the University of Arizona. He had spent the entire evening exhuming the undamaged part of the brain and intently studying it’s tissue, now he was anxious to discover more as he trained his attention upon the stomach.   A pungent smell emanated from the creature’s abdominal cavity as the man carefully cut away thick hide and layers of skin to expose the inner organs. His excitement staved off any nausea as he used a probe to inventory the beast’s insides.
“Fasinating,” he breathed through his surgical mask with eyes wide behind the lenses of his spectacles.

“Dr. Radford,” his young dark-haired intern’s voice echoed around him as she spoke into the intercom on the other side of the tempered laboratory glass. “There are two gentlemen here to see you.”

“Tell them I’m extremely busy and can’t be bothered,” he blurted irately without taking his focus from the cadaver.

The sudden opening of the door made him turn as two impeccably dressed men barged into the room without having scrubbed or donning masks.

“You can’t come in here!” Radford shouted standing abruptly sending his metal chair scraping across the tiled floor. “This is a sterile examining room! Just who in the hell are you?!”

“I am Agent Valdstar from the United States government,” the lead man said flashing a smile and a badge. He ordered over his shoulder, “Mr. Daemlind, will you please take Dr. Radford’s assistant outside.”

The second man nodded and grabbed the young lady forcefully by the elbow wheeling her around exiting the room.

“So, my dear Professor,” the agent said still smiling approaching the table and scanning the beast, “El Vampiro de Moca, captured at last. Tell me, what have you discovered about the Chupacabra so far?”

“I-I j-just finished” the college professor stumbled, “finished studying the b-brain. I b-believe the specimen is part h-human.”
“Really?” the agent wheeled around still smiling setting the professor at unease. “What made you draw that conclusion?”

“I was just about to send a sample to the DNA lab,” Radford stopped in midsentence and turned asking skeptically through squinted eyes. “Just what department of the government are you with?”

Fear gripped Dr. Radford’s heart as the smile before him broadened and two fanged teeth grew on its fringes.
“The Department of Unexplained Phenomenon,” was the response. With lightning speed the agent lunged forward planting two needle sharp teeth deeply into the professor’s neck and hungrily gulping the man’s blood until the spectacled eyes glazed over in death. He then unceremoniously threw the dead body to the ground as he swooned within the moment of euphoria that followed every feeding.

Popping back into the room the other suited man wiped blood from his chin with an expensive silk handkerchief while staring at the body on the table.
“This one was one of your offspring, was it not?”

“One of my first attempts,” agent Valdstar nodded, “at mating with the humans.”

“These animals are becoming too cleaver,” Daemlind responded pensively. “We need to be more careful or they could disrupt our plans.”
“Humanity is too unintelligent to grasp what is on the horizon,” the first agent responded indignantly. “They are but mere sheep put here by the Universe for us to herd.”

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