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Sunday, September 22, 2013

World War Z ip!

Last night, with a Saturday night cool front moving in, and the air heavy with moisture, me and Robin felt like forgoing hitting the town and decided to stay in and watch a movie. As rain began hitting the roof we decided on the perfect film for a cool rainy weekend night. A Zombie flick.

In World War Z Brad Pitt plays a former UN spy/investigator who has to flit across the globe in a race against the clock to find the origin of a pandemic that threatens to transform the entire race into extremely dexterous and ravenous zombies. As far as the plot goes there is nothing here that hasn't been tried over and over again throughout cinematic horror. With that being said most of these movies did not have Brad Pitt in the leading role. His believable and strong performance as Gerry Lane holds the film together as he fights to keep his family safe and find a solution to save the world from a highly aggressive zombie virus.

Action packed sequences propel the story forward at break neck dizzying speed from the opening moments of this film. It's high pace immediately puts viewers on edge AND on the edge of their seats. It's like an intense roller coaster that thrills with all the expected loops and drops infusing the body with heart pounding's over. Like a suicidal lemming the movie suddenly commits Hairy Carrey with a weak epilogue and plummets itself into oblivion over the side of a huge pile of dead zombies. I liken it to driving 90 miles and hour and instantly hitting an ancient deep rooted oak tree. To be fair there are clues within the story that indicate the final edit of the movie was missing a few scenes that may have fleshed out the end, but, since I am recommending this film I will
refrain from pointing them out and mentioning any spoilers.

As a science fiction/horror author I would definitely deem this movie worth watching. It is like Zombie lite, it has all the flavor the full fledged version does, but without all the calories. In conclusion I thought the movie was a lot of fun, but after an expensive dinner and a night of dancing, don't expect being invited up for a night cap.

I give this movie 3 1/2 stars out of five.  Ah hell, throw in a quarter of a star for Brad Pitts great effort. Final assessment: World War Z 3 3/4 stars.