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Sunday, September 29, 2013


As an ardent and fanatical Trekkie I should be ashamed that it took me so long to take in Star Trek Into Darkness. It had what every recent (not including this version’s original effort) ST movies have lacked since Wrath of Khan. For those of you who have seen it I would say, “how fitting.” For those of you who haven’t, whether Trekkie or not, what the hell are you waiting for? Go on, rent it. Are you still reading this, why aren’t you working on the opening scene yet?

This is not your grandfather’s Trek movie. It has, as did the first volume of this reboot, a more updated, modern, sleek look and feel to it. It was the best balance of action and plot I have seen in a ST movie in a long time. The latest ST films have done for the franchise what Christian Bale has accomplished with the Batman movies. Revitalized and reaffirmed the series in today’s cultural society.

Now, from some of the reviews I have perused online I see a lot of the fanatical traditionalists have ripped this movie. I have seen mentioned it is not cerebral enough over and over. I would offer in today’s more fast paced prefabbed world this is the perfect validation and vindication the ST franchise needs. My fiancĂ©e is the perfect personification of this in that she is not a Trekkie in the least, but she sat glued to the screen for the two plus hours this film ran. I looked over and saw the same Walking Dead or Homeland look in her eye. She was hooked. As the move ended all she could say was, “I liked that….a lot.”

We find Captain Kirk and crew embroiled in conspiracy upon arrival back on Earth after their initial voyage as the new crew of the Enterprise. Kirk’s rebellious nature has gotten him in trouble with Star Fleet and the powers that be have taken his command. A terrorist from within the organization sets in motion a plan to destroy Starfleet, and, because of the out of the box thinking we are used to from
Kirk, he finds himself back in the captain’s chair and charged with hunting the traitor terrorist down in the heart of a potential enemy’s territory. The intrigue build’s as more plot twists are revealed upon the prisoner’s capture.

In this author’s humble opinion this Trek movie has it all: a fast paced plot that never sags while staying true to the nature of all our hero’s personalities. The familiar endearing chemistry that was set back in the 1960's exists superbly with these new actors within these old roles. There are also several homage moments to satiate the appetite of the traditionalists. My favorite was the radiation compartment scene, but, since I am recommending this picture, this is the only spoiler I shall mention. I give Star Trek Into Darkness 4 ½ out of 5 stars.