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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Visual Overstimulation?

Modern Science Fiction is very action driven, but lately have some scenes been too over stimulating for the older pallet? I remember going to see the second Transformer movie a few years back and saw some pretty cool fight scenes. There is no doubt that modern special effect techniques have come a long way since the Rebel attack on the Death Star back in 1977. The advances have been
absolutely amazing and modern movie makers can pull off so much more than their pioneering predecessors.   After awhile, though, there was so much happening at once I got lost on the screen. Maybe it’s because I have become too seasoned for the younger generational attention spans, but many of the action scenes  were way too busy to the extent they caused me virtual vertigo. I experienced a degree of sensory overload to the point my brain gave up on keeping track of who was fighting who. I just took a look at the first trailer for the next Transformers movie and, though it looks very slick, it gives me the same impressions all the Transformer fight scenes give. Visual overstimulation.

I found the same true during the opening scene of Star WarsEpisode III Revenge of the Sith. Although the scene was visually stunning, there was so much going on to grab my focus it became hard to comfortably follow the heroes within the sequence. I felt the same way, to a slightly lesser extent, about the fight scene in Iron Man when Tony and Obadiah fought on thehighway in the final climatic sequence.
Maybe youngsters these days are exposed to so much stimuli at such a fast pace they are able to process it visually much more efficiently than this middle aged Science Fiction writer. Am I just getting too old or am I way off base here? What to you folks think?