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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rockin Mid-Life Crisis

Readers of this blog know that I'm an author of Science Fiction and Horror. My writing journey began in 2009 with the publishing of Darkside of the Planet by Salvatore Publishing in London, England. I was very fortunate to come into contact with several talented folks on an online forum
My Writers Circle, a site full of resources and exercises for first time writers and established author alike.

From there I embarked on my Science Fiction novels. One reader, Richard Laudenslager, describes the trilogy of novels as follows on Amazon.:

"As with David Lee Jones first two novels of The Morian Trilogy, his third, "The War of the Third Awakening", thrusts the reader into a nonstop thrill ride from beginning to end. Mr. Jones weaves an intricate plot that develops over many millennia rivaling the likes of "The Da Vinci Code" in its depth and complexity. Not only are you witness to the trials and tribulations of unlikely heroes, geologist, Dr. Brandon Jordan, and university professor, Dr. Edward Fender as they are drawn into an age old conflict that spans centuries, and two neighboring worlds, but you experience it with them through David Lee Jones masterful storytelling.
With its secret organizations, mystical crystals, alien invaders, mechanical monsters, and diabolical creatures of myth, David Lee Jones Morian Trilogy has it all."

If you would like to check out this trilogy you can find all the books on one page here at Lulu.

Along with my passion for writing I have now re-discovered an old passion that has now occupied most of my weekends. My current obsession began with a traumatic life event...

Two years ago I lost my father to cancer. He was a lifetime musician of which I have written about on this very blog (In the Genes, July, 2016). My father had countless fans here in the Midlands of SC. Musicians in the area decided to get together for a Memorial Jam to honor him a few months after his passing.

After the January Memorial for dad concluded one of the keyboardists who had participated approach me. Darryl Hill mentioned he was in a band called Wide Open and he would like me to come check them out at a bar in Lexington, SC the following week. I agreed since the place was only a 5 minute drive from my home and me and my fiance's regular hangout.

That following Friday night we shot pool at JT'S On the Pond enjoying  Wide Open as they played Classic Rock, Country and Beach. Darryl Hill and guitarist Wayne Hopkins had started the group some ten years previous and between these two musicians they had a vast knowledge of music. Add an extraordinary rhythm battery of Chris Miano on the drums and Paul Russo on bass guitar and it was one of the best bands I've heard in my thirty years of being in the business.

As the night wore on I had to leave for I had to wake early for work the following morning. While paying my tab Darryl summoned me over. Surprised, I made my way to the stage as he introduced me as a "Special Guest Singer". I was overjoyed as I belted out "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by the Georgia Satellites. As I prompted the crowd thrusting the mic outward I heard everyone in the room respond. My passion for entertaining was re-ignited and the lime-light entangled me once again.

Later that week I was overjoyed to receive a phone call from Darryl inquiring whether I would like to be the new "front man" for Wide Open. Discussing it with my girlfriend Robin she gave me her blessing.

I've since been experiencing the time of my life living out my mid-life crisis as the singer in a Rock n Roll band. With my addition to the group the repertoire of music has increased blending my stylings with the existing song list. We play Rock, Classic Rock, Beach, R&B, Country and much more. Wide Open Band now boasts playing the widest variety of music in town performing everything from Al Green to ZZ-Top. Check out our homepage and find us on Facebook, Twitter and [sample song]

Won't you please drop in to one of our shows and check us out.