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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Top Three Science Fiction Films

Star Wars (1977) Though not the best of the Star Wars Franchise it was the movie that started it all. Movie special effects would never be the same after this George Lucas motion picture tour de force. That summer movie goers were treated to a spectacle of weird aliens, shiny robots, princesses in peril, humble heroes and epic battles the likes never seen before. It was the ultimate story of good versus evil from the opening scene to the films finale. The blue print for all science fiction to follow would forever change. Because of its innovativeness and its unforgettable scenes A New Hope makes number one on my list.

Blade Runner (1982) This film lands next to best on my list because of its uniqueness. An epic film in personality and morality as our hero investigates a story centering around human clones. It combines the old film noir detective movies with modern day Science Fiction. Harrison Ford is a modern day Humphrey Bogart working his way through a mysterious case in an ultra modern Los Angeles wrought with neon and monster skyscrapers. Constant rain falls as the best of visual story telling plays out on the screen. Add a haunting soundtrack and you have a masterpiece only Ridley Scott could have achieved.

Aliens (1986)Third on my list is James Cameron’s follow up to Ridley Scott's Alien. The sequel is a non stop thrill ride centering around Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) the only surviving member of the original film. She is called upon to aid a group of well armed space marines when communication with the colony on LV-246 is lost. As she sets foot back on the planet of her original ordeal her worst fears are confirmed. This movie has it all. High paced action, cool futuristic weaponry all culminating in one of the best sci fi scenes ever shot: Ripley’s battle royale with the mother alien utilizing the robotic cargo loader. Kudos  to James Cameron on this remake, it is definitely one of my favs.