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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Be excellent to one another

Today I depart from gendre drawing on my experience as a mixologist as I post on life in general. Having served as a bartender for over twenty five years gives one an honorary doctorate in psychology producing expertise in psychovampirism (see my earlier post on the subject).

There are people who have the ability to light up a room with there sunny disposition. These folks can brighten a depressed mood just by walking in. We all know these individuals and find ourselves enjoying their company, especially when the trials of our cruel world have us in a dark funk. As a bartender I found these type of people invaluable to a successful night of fun and frivolity.

Unfortunately, as is the nature of the universe, there is always a Ying to the Yang. There are those who seem to suck the positive energy instantly from the room (once again see my earlier psychovampire post). They feed off happiness through insulting intelligence and beliefs trying to break down and belittle. You know them...these folks have always had it worse than you, and have always done it better than you. No matter what the subject at hand.

Because of this positive pulverizing theme there is an unspoken creed around world watering holes . I know most know it. NEVER talk religion, race or politics around the bar. No matter who is present someone will be offended and participating in these discussions will taint happiness within a night of lightheartedness with misery.

In closing I would give this advice to all. In the immortal words of Rufus of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure , "simply, be excellent to one another." Be aware of ones beliefs for they are the core foundation that helps them deal with life on planet Earth. You have yours, be respectful of theirs. Handle political affiliation with the same kid gloves. Political beliefs don't change whether an individual is a good or bad person. Core beliefs determine that (see above). Race, same thing. Whether black, white, yellow or brown we need to look past all stereotypes and see the good rather than bad. For when it comes down to it the bad is the only thing that makes good press coining the phrase "no news is good news".

Focus instead on subjects that uplift and make life worth living. We all have a rough road because we are all born into this world, we have enough stimuli to bring us down. In the end the choice is ours... what kind of person do you want to be? We have the simple choice to be happy, or miserable. The way we effect others will follow suit.

In the end this remains the humble opinion of this citizen of planet Earth. Share the world is enough for all of us.