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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Epic Spirit

Having a problem with the BlogSpot interface... it will not let me add any photos to my post. So, this post will be text only. :(

Being the son of Merlin Jones gave a unique perspective on the nightclub all of us grew to love. It was more than a place, more than bricks and mortar making up the edifice. Merlin’s was a concept. Words cannot express the spirit the place possessed. Sadly, those who never experienced it can never know.

 Merlin’s spirit was made up by the personalities that frequented the club. My dad always told me, you have to characters to make things interesting. Who could forget Booger a...nd his magic tricks? There, by his side, his faithful wingman Charwie always had his back. Who could forget Derrick tearing up the hardwood floors in front of the bandstand? Railroad, Wallyword, Franklin McCarter, Randy Brady, Sammy D, Robbie Hazle, Myron, Lee Johnson, Richard Hoover, Jay Metze, Suzanne, Lisa, Debbie, Jennifer and so many more added their flavor to the mystique of the Merlin’s concept on stage and off. 

 Later came other unforgettable personalities in the guise of Cotton, Wahoo, Odell, Doc McGillicuddy, Ajay, Stephen Jones, and countless more. Time has dulled memory of names, but the impression they all made lives inside us to this day. I grew up with these folks and they became more than people, they were family.

 Our loyalty to the Man who orchestrated the spirit was undying. My Dad, Merlin Jones. He entertained in more ways than just on stage. He never met a stranger, and because of his principled nature many called him “good friend.” He gave a little piece of himself to everyone in the building on every given night. Merlin was a brightly burning star giving his warmth to every person. All felt welcome…everyone felt part of the family.

 I have met many who have told me, my husband and I met at Merlin’s. Later years others have told me, my mom and dad met at the club. Time persistently races on, but the spirit of Merlin’s still lives inside of us all. 

 On March 15th we shall grab the reigns of time and give them a yank with all our combined might in an effort to push back the arms of the clock. Once diminished adrenaline will flow through veins as hearts recapture remembered youth when old friends reunite. We will be entertained as epic spirit is relived on stage, at the bar and on the dance floor.

 Now, we have the chance to introduce our spirit to new significant others as we make new memories at the Hanger. Like a phoenix Merlin’s shall rise again…even for just a fleeting moment of one evening.